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Generation's Girl, 2014, New York, United States.

Live Performance, 3:20


In 2014, South Korea ranked 117th out of 142 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index. South Korea is a highly patriarchal society, albeit having elected the first female president in 2013 as its 18th president. It is difficult to comprehend what this historical event epitomizes amid discriminatory undercurrent of the South Korean society towards the women.  


Generation’s Girl is a performance enacted with live projection and sound, where Youtube footage of the most famous K-pop group ‘Girls Generation’ is superimposed on the moving body of the artist. The artist is exploring in-between places, re-enacting the original choreography in the same costume, but only as the ‘outside’ figure, who is not quite within the image. Nonetheless, she is the only living being in the totality of the phenomenon. She remains impassive yet eagerly participating sans the mic as a voyeuristic object. The performance becomes filled with the incidental sound from the intense movement of the artist’s body along with the original song, ending with the exhaustion of the female identity.


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