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Jiwon Choi (b. 1991) is a South Korean artist based in New York City, working primarily in video and performance.


She holds an MFA in photography, video, and related media from the School of Visual Arts. Choi's artistic practice revolves around exploring the intersections of popular culture, modern Korean history, and societal dynamics.


Recipient of the International Young Filmmaker Award at the 14th up-and-coming Int. Film Festival in Hanover, Germany, Choi has showcased her works in various exhibitions and screenings worldwide. Notable exhibitions include "Shall We Dance?" at MUCEM in Marseille, France, "Double Takes: Historic and Contemporary Film + Video" at MOCA Cleveland in Ohio, and "Take My Money / Take My Body" at LACE in Los Angeles. Her works have also been featured in screenings such as "New Filmmakers" at Anthology Film Archives in New York and "FLOW" at Raven Row in London.


With a critical perspective, Choi examines cultural hegemony, the portrayal of women, and the fleeting nature of contemporary culture. She employs a combination of traditional video art's performative elements and popular media techniques, incorporating fast cuts, vibrant colors, and subtitles. Having lived in diverse cultural environments, Choi's art is influenced by her curiosity about cultural phenomena specific to the places she resides in and her own background.




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